Brilliant Graphic Novel Adaptations of Classic Books

It’s a perfect time for comic book fans to get alive. With CBM popularity hitting its zenith in the last decade or so, the release of films focused on comic book heroes and antiheroes is almost every month. Equipped with the right resources and technologies today, filmmakers are pushing the envelope in terms of technique and storytelling, entertaining and engaging with even non-comic book readers while the magic of the original comics continues to live on. We all know, if nothing else, how CBMs proved to be amazingly fun outings at the cinemas! So, here is our list of best DC movies ranked.

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1. Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

Yeah, you read it right. The last entry did not end the chart. The Dark Knight’ is not top of the list. Which tops the list of best DC films is a slim, direct-to-video release based on the widely successful comic arcs “A Death in the Family” and “Under the Hood”: Under the Red Hood. I hope that a lot of the fans will agree with me on this one. The storyline is devastating, beautiful, flawlessly performed and most of all. The film is also noteworthy for throwing some light on the Joker’s potential origins which are still largely unknown.

2. The Dark Knight (2008)

In this one, Christopher Nolan totally knocked it out of the park. Redefining the genre of superhero movies with’ Begins’ not too long ago, Nolan exceeded all standards and milestones, setting new ones in the process, and delivering an impressive film. A film, which would be, in my view, the best live action superhero film to have been made for a long time, unless anything very revolutionary comes along. Not much to tell about this phenomenon of a film; Nolan’s genius, Action Sequences, Good Dialogs, Awesome Performances, and HEATH LEDGER, the good, great actor who breathed new life into an iconic supervillain already. Now on to #1.

3. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

This one has been an absolute blast from beginning to end. We all know the Flash’s penchant for messing up timelines, but this film’s alternate universe isn’t that good. Barry Allen’s mother is alive, the Atlanteans led by Aquaman and the Amazons led by Wonder Woman are at war, putting the planet at the verge of destruction, Thomas Wayne is the Batman, while Bruce Wayne died in Joe Chill’s possession, and Superman and Green Lantern do not yet have their powers, and therefore are not much interested. This alternate universe provides rather grim canvas for the action of the game, but primarily because of the modifications it is incredibly watchable.

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There’s no doubt that in comics DC Universe has always had an upper hand. Even if we take the animated genre into account, DC still wins the race. Yet, one place i.e. the Cinematic Verse, DC hasn’t made a huge impact. None of the DC Films stands out, with the exception of Nolan’s trilogy. Yet, we hope that you like the list of the best DC movies ranked.

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